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Dojo Lights Not Coloring Properly


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(This is under "change room colors> lights", NOT under "change room lighting".)

As you can see in the picture, my mouse cursor is hovering over "Leaf Red" and yet, the lights above are still white. In fact, the "lights" color changes absolutely nothing in this room. This seems to only be happening with hallways (straight, cross connector, etc.), but it seems to be working properly in elevators:

The lighting in larger rooms like some of the gardens seems to be... partially working:

Moving on to the Temple of Honor.
Center of the room is still bright white despite being selected as "leaf red"...
But the coloring is working in the side rooms of the temple: 
The temple's lighting may be intentional, and if so then that's fine.

And here's one of the side rooms from one of the garden rooms from earlier:

And here's a sort of related lighting glitch in our grand hall's upper floor:


EDIT: Turned images into links because they were apparently not working. :V

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Image machine broke.
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