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Where are the new augments for Khora and Revenant?


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Did DE forgot give them while they hyping us with Fortuna update?

If they don't or haven't planning to give them yet, heres my idea.


Enthrall (unspecified augment name)

The choice of the augment depends on how DE going to implement or combine them into one powerful augment per ability.

Effect 1#

Non enthrall enemies hit by the pillar of energy will be enthralled without any cost.

Effect 2#

Ability duration is now permanent.

Effect 3#

Enthralled enemies hit by the pillar of energy get armor and shield reduced by 50%.

Effect 4#

Killing enthralled enemies will enthrall nearby enemies.

Effect 5#

Killing enthralled enemies increase warframe abilities by 50%.


Mesmer Skin (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Mesmer Skin now enthrall enemy who fired Revenant.


Effect 2#


Mesmer Skin now can be applied to allies and give overshield when nearby enthralled enemies killed.


Effect 3#


Mesmer Skin now proc status depending on the equipped melee mods.


Effect 4#


Mesmer Skin now produce energy orb that restore 25 points of energy whenever enemy attack Revenant. Allies can only pick the energy.


Reave (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Reave now heal allies by 50% max hp.


Effect 2#


Reave now produce health orb on each enemy hit. Recasting Reave and hitting previous target will not yield another health orb.


Effect 3#


Reave now increase energy efficiency by 50% for allies when hit.


Effect 4#


Reave now act as fired projectile. Revenant gain longer invulnerability after cast.


Danse Macabre (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Revenant create a specter of himself that channels Danse Macabre.

Created specter will never move.

Loki's Switch Teleport can switch the specter position.

Specter's Danse Macabre only use at 50% energy cost per second from Revenant.

Revenant can move freely.


Effect 2#


Revenant create sentient specters from dying enthralled targets.

The specters are vomvalysts that can buff revenant and his allies energy efficiency and increase movement speed.


Effect 3#


Revenant cause eidolon barrage (eidolon aoe rain barrage, god that first time hunting is hell) when kill an enthralled target. Only up to 3 aoe barrage can be created with duration of 10 seconds.


Khora's Consecutive whip augment is the best. But she still need more augments to the rest of her abilities.


Ensnare (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Ensnared target now emits Puncture proc and Radiation proc every 5 seconds until ensnare duration ends.


Effect 2#


Killing ensnared target with weapons or warframe abilities will benefit stats.


Killing with weapons give more ammo, fire rate and increase status and critical chance with 10 seconds duration.


Killing with warframe abilities give energy efficiency by 50% and drop energy/health orb by 50%.


Venari (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Venari now passively give all three precept auras to allies without changing to different mode.


Effect 2#


Venari create random synthesized enemy it previously killed.


The synthesized enemy is ally and always stomp the ground every 5 seconds.


Effect 3#


Killing more enemies while Venari is alive increasing it stats permanently until it dies. Max bonus stats for each (duration,range and strength) is 200%.


Strangledome (unspecified augment name)


Effect 1#


Enemies strangled are now in t pose upon death.

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