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Help me test my new (100$) chat headset?



Just got a SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth gaming headset (although I guess the Bluetooth only works with your phone, wtf) and I want to make sure it's working.

Would anyone be so kind as to run a few missions with me to verify that A: it works and B: it works well enough to justify the price tag. Please and thank you in advance, ideally tonight, ideally soon because my boyfriend will be going to bed shortly...so like...right now if possible.

Like, if you're reading this and can get on the Switch and can send me an invite to squad, please do so. I'll be online (name is obviously Gregory) so feel free whenever.

Edit: Okay, my boyfriend is actually in bed now. I'd still like to test my mic, but it'll have to be brief. Anyone want to pop in squad, see if they can hear me well, and then pop back out?

Edit: Found someone to help me test it. Sadly it doesn't work with the dual 3.5 mm cable, but plugged directly into the console it works it seems. Also, why did this post get a haha? 😕

Edit: A second haha?

Edited by (NSW)Gregory
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