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Ok now I've been in this for a while and have found that My newest players in my clan have quite a bit of trouble(not that a challemge is a bad thing,) but I'm a good clan leader and do want to help out my recruites once in a while that is when I thought of this. I think that an in clan gifting system would be a great Idea. This would help out your new clan members especially the newest to warframe. It could even use credits and it wouldn't be all that bad. I'm sure alot of people might  agree. The system should be limited to gifting only within your own clan and of course the more rare items being gifted would cost a little more to be gifted but I as a clan leader would not mind giving up a mod or some materials to help out my new recruites. Well that is myu Idea and I wasn't sure if this was the right place to put it but I would love to know what the developers think and even everyone elded opinion Thanks.

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