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Is the Harrow systems drop conditioned by defector survival rate?


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I've been grinding for three days for the last Harrow piece, and every time I didn't get it on rot C, it was after you-know-whose operatives managed to kill a defector or if a defector simply got stuck in the level geometry and died there. When I did finally get it today, there were no deaths (I had to rez a defector however). So does losing even one defector before the rot C prize is given out disqualify you from getting the systems, or is that just a coincidence?





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I have been helping my gf farm for a week now, we do rounds until 16 with two trinities and they never go down or die. Needless to say we still haven't got a sincle harrow part. This thing you mention is not in warframe as far as we the community know... it's all just pure luck and RNG

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