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The Sacrifice question.....possible spoilers


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The Dax or at least the high ranking ones knew of the 'volunteers' of the frame project. And the Dax were likely the ones who needed to cull the first generation of frames that went too crazy without a operator.

If he hadn't found out Ballas was a traitor by now over the years it would be like:


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26 minutes ago, Jonnyrobot said:

How would Teshin react if he found out the origin of Umbra?

Teshin? You mean "guy who is so genetically incapable of criticising the Orokin he even owed his eternal allegiance to the Grineer Queen until a more powerful Orokin than the Grineer Queens told him otherwise"?

If we told him that Ballas did something, he'd probably respond with enthusiastic, mindless, genetically-induced agreement, I guess.

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