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Orb Vallis Excavation Bounty and Excavation Missions


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Enemies with batteries do not spawn at all during the Excavation Bounty at Orb Vallis.

Whereas for normal missions, too few battery-enemies spawn when doing it solo.

I think you kind of 'improved' it for Orb Vallis by sending 4 x battery-enemies by teleporting them over. That was good, there was access of batteries but at least the objective could be cleared.
Now, there are no enemies at all.

Maybe you could fix it by making battery-enemies setting the battery at the Excavator to blow it up?
It never made sense that the battery needed to clear the mission was being brought to us by the enemies to begin with.

If you added a new motive for the battery-enemy to blow up the Excavator with the battery that they bring, maybe they will spawn more reliably?

So, this is like a, 'improvement' to the enemy that might also work as a fix?

Please fix it for Orb Vallis soon or earning Standings for SU is going to be difficult.

Actually the real difficulty is hearing Eudico's disappointment in my failure to excavate..


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