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Fix the plains.


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I'm also having the same problems. I have been farming incursions for specific mods and about 90% of them ended up failing for numerous stupid reasons.

Cache recovery - No caches spawning at all. I even combed the area multiple times with a loot radar mod equipped.

Assasination - Not enough enemies spawning to draw out the commander.

Supply Sabotage - Had a few instances of enemies with the beacon spawning and floating hundreds of feet in the air out of reach of my gunfire. 

Liberation - Losing because of non-existent enemies. I had an enemy radar equipped too.

It's really getting frustrating. 

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The vomvalyst not spawning is the only thing preventing me from being able to get Revenant becasue I can't level up the quills without their cores. I could fight the teralyst but with the original mote? Even with a full team I'd run out of time before beating it and not to mention I'm forced to kill and not capture it.


Some side things to help out though. For bounties that you need to kill enemies to draw out the commander or kill a certain number, you don't need to be in the area to do so. Just run to the nearest area and kill enemies.

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