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Sorties Reward System idea


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Many dislike the sorties reward system because people can really suffer from bad luck there. Some games tried out stuff like "anti-bad luck" calculations into their rng, and so on, but I figured out a far simpler solution, which wouldn't be hard to implement.

My idea is that there should be something similar to the daily reward system or the reward system of fissures, namely we'd have multiple reward options to choose from. This would help everyone to get their most optimal rewards, things they actually need. Let's take as example an mr 26 player, affinity booster is a waste for him, or a player already has 100k endo, they don't want sculptures and endo, and so on. Yet in the current system, they might end up getting it for weeks, months. If we had a choice between 3 possible rewards, we could eliminate this frustrating problem with RNG without actually changing drop chances, or drop tables.

UI-wise it could be similar to the void relic mission rewards, at the end of the last sortie mission, you choose your reward from 3 possible choices which were randomly generated, with a timer counting down from 15 sec, and that's it. This would not be hard to do, and the coding to do it is mostly in the game already, all it needs is mostly jsut putting the pieces together.

Also the drops could be in 3 caterogies, that way the players would have variety of rewards to choose from, and they won't end up with a reward like kuva/sculpture/endo, when they have no need of these resources. The suggested categories could be: resources, rivens, miscellaneous.
Resources:  4000 endo, 6000 kuva, ayatan anasa sculpture
Rivens: the 3 riven types
Miscellaneous: forma, booster, exilus adapter, potatoes, legendary core.

Would this be game breaking? No, especially if the rarer misc. items still maintain their really low drop chance. Would the players love it? Yes! Would it break the economy? Most likely not, but of course it would need to be tested, still this would be a major improvement! Also the loot table could be expanded to make it more varied, like putting 10-20 orokin cells into the possible resource rewards, or ship part/stalker/g3/zanuka blueprints in the miscellaneous category, but these are just examples. Oversaturating the reward table with more common farmable stuff might remove the special end-game feel of sorties, maybe with great enough quantities their worth can be brought up to that level, but that might put a dent into farming, making it harder for lower level players to find farming groups. As i said, it'd need testing, but still, it would be far better than the current system, and would give the players more autonomy over their gameplay experience which is always welcome, especially since this is good for both new and old players alike.

Thanks for reading it through.

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