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Older Gamer LF Older Player Clan [NA] [PC] [LFC]


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Hope I'm posting in the right place....

Just started playing a few weeks ago Now MR5.  I am EST and play in the evenings and all through the weekends.  Like to find some older no drama people to play and enjoy the game with. 

Have mic and Discord and do not mind using IG comm.  I am really enjoying this game but need to learn more.  I use Wiki/YouTube but like much better to learn and improve by playing with ppl and having actual conversations >8) Plz let me know if you think your Clan may be a fit or if you know one that might be.  Tks!!

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 Enlightened Collective clan is always looking for 18+ members. We have a discord channel, I will send you an invite. We have a few dedicated regular players, mostly evenings, and many who have joined for clan amenities but may not be on frequent. We are friendly and enjoy helping others. As little or as much help as you want. Our dojo is nearly complete sans a few items *cough* hema. anyone reading this post who are interested contact me in game and mention you wish to join,

my IGN is HAZMAT411

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Hi, this is mind-reading at its finest.

I am an older veteran player!
MR21 and 95% to MR22
I am looking for an adult clan with an ok designed Dojo! (I saw some Dojos which were designed like a maze and I didn't like it 😉
I know it's not kind to ask for much and don't contribute something in advance but Id also see a clan that has the major weapons researched!
If you still think this guy can be a valuable asset and you are looking for a player that likes to help people in chat or new players hit me with an PM or your info here!

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