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Bugs with head-tracking during claws melee animations


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I noticed it most hilariously during the 360 spin animation of Vermillion Storm (pic related) where my Ivara's body rotates around her stationary head like a top... I assume whatever animation flag is set to disable head tracking to look in the direction of the aim reticle isn't set correctly during this animation, because this bug doesn't occur if I face away from the camera when performing this attack (which disables head tracking entirely).

Not sure if it's just the flags on this animation or if there are others but this is the one that's most obvious and funny to me.

EDIT: pic is done in captura, I moved the camera around to face Ivara's "front" to make it more obvious what was wrong. If I actually face Ivara toward the camera this doesn't happen; in-game it only occurs when she faces away from the camera.

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