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Europa, Cholistan, Excavation GAMEBREAKING BUG


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So, Im playing Cholistan, Europa node, trying to get some Axi relics. And every time, it seems, around 4th extractor(this varies greatly, but happens around or after it), enemies seem to stop spawning. Or only 3 enemies spawn and then I have to wait for extended period of time for any kind of enemy to show up. It doesnt matter if Im alone or in public group. This of course causes problem for groups as well. I dont know, maybe game "thinks" it spawned them but didnt or something similar.  Enemies are just not there for extended period of time. I know Im supposed to be swarmed by infested, but its just... empty. Pretty much every extractor. And no enemies, means Im stuck waiting for energy cells. Probably explains why people avoid this node.

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