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Moa equipped weapon does not gain shared affinity [Fixed]


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When using Sentinel weapons on pet MOAs, so far I have tried a Sweeper Prime and an Artax, they are not gaining any shared XP whatsoever. They instead seem to only get XP on their own personal kills or even kill assists. This results in abnormally low XP, or even straight up nothing. Using a regular Sentinel with a Sentinel weapon seems to work normally however.

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The weapon doesn't gain any exp unless it fires the killing shot.

I use power to kill, no exp.

I used gun to kill, no exp

I used melee to kill, no exp.

Other players killing all the time during these tests, no exp.

Watched the Moa like a hawk and when it shot a nearly dead peon grineer killing it, 73 affinty.

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Hello fellow Tenno and DE

while leveling the new Sentinel Weapons in conjunction with my MOA Companions I came across something unusal. Basically I never gained any experience on my Sentinel Weapon while it was equipped on a MOA (Tested on Hydron, with a nuke frame (Saryn) and a leech frame (Harrow), only experience gained was from the XP.-challenges like kill three enemies in 10s). I wondered, why this was the case and switched the sentinel weapon on my Carrier P and there it worked normally.

I don*t know what causes that behavior, but I could make a "for me" quite logical assumtion. I saw, that it is not possible to equip the new Mod "Assault Mode" on the new MOAs. Maybe, if it would made available for MOAs, then the equipped Sentinel Weapons would also gain experience as well.

Dunno if I was the only one experiencing this, but I thought it was weird, since I wanted to level both the MOAs and the Sentinel Weapons at the same time




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Let's fix the duplicate mod thing here on sentinel weapons too.

While we are at this, can we get claws/jaw weapons for beasts? I wanna throw bite, maul, frost jaws, hunter recovery, strip armor, hunter synergy, etc. on my cat/dog without dropping mods for survivability, utility, mech, and tech mods. I know it could be considered powercreep but heck they don't have the AI to kill most enemies, let alone move anyway. 

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Currently, using a moa with a new moa weapon (the tazicor) was gaining regular xp, but is now getting drastically smaller amounts
It reach about halfway through level 25, then started getting only 1k affinity for 10 waves at hydron, making it require several hundred waves


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I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I don't know other places in the forum to post this issue.

I recently finished crafting the Tazicor, a sentinel weapon that you can get from Legs in Fortuna.
I equipped it on my ungilded moa and got no affinity for this weapon after three rounds of random missions:


I finished ranking up my moa and gilded it to check if it's just the gilding not letting the weapon get affinity. I did a void fissure survival mission in the Void to check that out, and got only two ranks after 25 minutes in:


To farther check if the moas are the problem and not just the weapon being too difficult to rank up. I equipped a sentinel instead and did a void fissure exterminate mission on Earth. I shouldn't a lot of affinity or even rank up if it was the weapon being difficult to rank up, but I got two ranks from this short low level mission:


For this test I used almost the same loadout for the warframe, the primery, the secondary, the melee and the amp. I tried both long and short missions on different levels.
I did the missions with public matchmaking.
This test tought me that the moas are the problem and gilding might have farther effects on this issue.

Steps to replicate my test:

  1. Buy and craft a new sentinel weapon from Legs in Fortuna.
  2. Equip an ungilded moa and the new sentinel weapon in the arsenal. The weapon should be at rank 0 and the moa already have a few ranks.
    NOTE: I don't have an ungilded moa at rank 0. I don't know if it's matter or not.
  3. Complete missions with this loadout untill the moa reach it's max rank.
    While doing it, the moa should get affinity as intended but the weapon should get barely to no affinity.
  4. Gild the moa.
  5. Make sure both the moa and the sentinel weapon are equipped.
    The moa should be at rank 0 now.
  6. Complete an endless mission and stay for a few reward rotations. The point here is to get high amount of affinity in a single mission, not how far you can get.
    After completing, the moa should rank up a few times as intended but the weapon should get barely any affinity.
  7. Switch the moa with a sentinel and make sure the weapon is still equipped. It doesn't matter if the moa reached it's max rank or not.
  8. Complete a short low level mission.
    After completing, the weapon should get affinity as intended.
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On 2018-11-28 at 9:45 PM, Lewtenant said:

Let's fix the duplicate mod thing here on sentinel weapons too.

Strongly in favour of this yeah, no clue why this is still a thing as it doesn't fit any of the other changes that DE has been making to other aspects, such as arcanes, etc. it seems odd to still have this lingering from the past, especially after releasing a whole new companion type.

Also just adding to the topic in general, I had come to the same conclusion, moas just don't level their weapons, not through use and further more they recieve no experience when equipped on a moa when doing spy missions either, which is usually how I level the sentinel weapons because I hate having sentinels shooting and alerting things and thus generally have no attack precepts equipped.

Edit: Just for the hell of it just tested with mobile defense, same conclusion unsurprisingly, but thought I'd add it either way.

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Additional test performed
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Results after 15 waves in Hydron:


This really sucks cuz the new weapons are incapable of killing level 10 enemies. I'm MR26 and the weapon has a potato, so I even have a somewhat decent build going on for an unranked weapon.


EDIT: The bug seems to be related to MOAs. It is gaining xp like it is supposed to when equipped on a sentinel.

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14 minutes ago, Sabreracer said:

Could it be as simple that there isn't a weapon precept for Robotic Companions?

Supposedly the 'attack precept' is built in like on 'animal' companions.   

I've seen a very small amount of xp on a weapon when applied to a moa so I'd guess it's either not firing enough to get xp (more than possible) or it could be that all the XP from an attack is going to the moa rather than the weapon in the same way any xp from a kavat attack would go to the kavat. 

Think of it like the weapon when on a moa is seen as part of the moa but when that same weapon is on a sentinel it's seen as it's own weapon and as such has it's own xp pool so levels up a LOT faster. 

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Have you tried joining Public Exterminate Fissures and letting everyone else in the squad kill everything? Outside of Meta Affinity farming areas, I find it's a great way to level gear that doesn't do much killing on its own, AND getting Forma/Ducat/Prime farming done at the same time. (Barring RnG of Fissure Missions, of course.)

(If you did all those Missions solo and murdered everything, never giving your MOA/Sentinel a chance, well, that would explain it.)

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Its a bug. Sentinel weapons do not get any xp from Moa companions. Meaning they only get xp when they get kills, and since they suck really bad, you now see just how much of an effect the weapons really have in game. They usually get maybe 1 kill in a mission, maybe.


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I had the same issue, but then I found a way (though I also had the affinity booster on) by doing a fissure survival mission in the void and using a sentinel instead of the moa. The moa moves too much to actually use the weapon, so much that even after several zones in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught the Vulcax was still at level 1, while the sentinel don't move at all so it just has to be a turret. In 20 minute session of survival, it was maxed already, but me and my companions kept close to one another so we feed affinity to each other off.

There is also to be said that these new weapons have just terrible stats. The vulcax for instance has a reload spead of 6 seconds and one magazine! And it also charges the shoot, so it can get easily interrupted or miss entirely, which makes it very hard to get that affinity. And this is the rank 14 weapon

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