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Ambiance Hazards


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Shwazdo-Lah fellow Tennos!

Ever since Fortuna came out, some ambiance hazards havent been rending for me, mostly those found in Sorties or Infested Ships like Radiation or Magnetic Zones and Toxic Clouds.

This has been causing alot of frustration in missions that shows appear as i am never able to know when im running into one and avoid them.

In the same week that Fortuna came out, i took a friend that has a lot of difficulty playing the game due to his PC being very weak, to do Sorties and try to get some Ayatans or Rivens for him self but we constantly ended getting irradiated during the mission as it was a Defense mission in Ceres with Radiation. The Hostage its self would constantly walk through these radiation zones and we were forced to go to its aid or my friend would get downed for running through a zone.
I just finished sorties right now which was Extermination in the Void with Radiation Hazards, me and my team kept constantly killing each other because no one could see the radiation zones and avoid them.

In Magnetic anomaly sorties missions, i keep passing through the magnetic orbs and having my shield and energy drained, in Infested ship missions after you kill the Nodes, they often spawn Magnetic orbs and toxic gas clouds and even those i cant see.

My graphics is set to Max, only having Film Grain and Constant weapon trails turned off.

This really needs some attention and should be fixed fast!

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