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Fortuna - Improve Fishing Tooltip for BAITS and Fishing rods


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Improvements required to help with fishing

Allow me to first speak about the current problem with the fishing.

Yes we got baits and the Magical wheel says (x24 / Baits name) but it does not provide any other information.
So if u want to fish and cannot remember all millions of stuff in this game... u have to warframe wiki it. 
and to be honest its a struggle remember and feels just overwhelming since the game should have had it aswell introduced.

so whats mission?

  • An information window (see picture), that provides us where to use bait, in what weather to use it.
  • What the bait will fish or attract aswell what that fish/fishes will provide once its scrappled (Cut open)
  • Also once the fishing rod is equiped there should also be the (Overlay map) Weather HOT/COLD wheel always be visual above the 1-2-3 action bar in the bottom right corner.


show what i mean by simply adding this picture below, this very important "wheel" should be added above the Fishing Rod/Bait/ illuminate fish.
To basicly HIGHLIGHT, alright time to use "Bait A-B" or... aha its now COLD, lets swap to Bait "C-D"


So when i speak about the "Information Window", The "Temperature Wheel" why would it all be visual?

  • Simply becuse we need to constantly otherwise open "M" and during the short time we got to fetch fish quickly before the new Warm > Cold > Freezing. Occurs its abit short window especilly for the warm-only-fish.

How else could we improve the Temperature wheel?

  • Provide an timer above/Below it telling us that its now (example: 04m 57sec, Left of warm-weather). so we can plan and how to use bait to its maximal performance without throw out baits on-each-other just becuse the temperature changed and we had low chance to use it?

So this is how the FULL UI would look like with (me) + the fishing temperature.
This would relax me alot.... But i MISSING THE "Cycle.Temperature" added...

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