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Atomos' magazine floats in the air after reloading


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The magazine is moved during the reload, but doesn't go back to its spot and it ends up floating next to the gun.

Screenshot from the previous version : 181203025806251945.jpg


I don't know if the bug was already there before the Fortuna update, but I don't remember this happening before. I also switched to a kavat, so maybe its instant reload perk is causing that (in which case, I wouldn't have seen it as I wasn't using kavats before) ? I doesn't always happen, so I'm going to try to watch for it tomorrow to try to see if that's the cause.

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After playing with it today, I found the cause of this bug : if anything interupts the animation, like rolling, using a power, that kind of things, then the magazine stops its movement and stays in place. This is solved by restarting the animation (reloading again). Instead of doing this, the magazine should teleport back to its normal spot.


More screenshot, this time with Ember, I managed to lock both moving pieces out of their normal spots :


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