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Which part of Teral should I shoot to break the shield?



Hi friends!

I'm a Trinity user playing TRIDOLON around 4x3....somtimes 5x3.

I have a question!!

When attacking shield with an operator, Is there a damage difference depending on where I shoot?

Listening I heard that I have to shoot toward ass to do 3 damage on the t2 scaffold.

If I shoot toward knees or leg, sometimes you will only get one damage(despite using t2 scaffolding)


Is that true? 
How are you doing?


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Shraksun scaffold  it will shoot a single, short range projectile that explodes after a short delay or when colliding with a surface. This projectile does not explode upon hitting enemies.
unless you mean the Shwaak prism that goes through enemies so angling your shot so it will deal alot of damage by passing through more of the ediolon

where you shoot on a ediolon doesnt really affect the damage you do while 
the state of your amp being non gilded vs it being 
shooting through a volt sheild
if you have a tier 3 brace
what amp arcane your using
affects the damage of operator damage to the ediolons sheilding

alot of people go for the 223 amp with madurais void strike

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