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Suggestion: Modding System Reworks


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Elementals: So for example: what if someone wants to build Gas and Viral on the same weapon, and some other guy wants to build Gas and Cold, but with a second Toxin. Why not rework this so that, for example, the Gas and Viral builder can put these mods in this order: Toxin - Heat - Cold -Toxin, while the Gas and Cold with a second Toxin can put mods in this order?: Toxin - Heat - Toxin - Cold, or Toxin - Toxin -Heat - Cold?, basically, if an elemental that isn't included in the dual element proc is between a dual element proc and a second mod that's the same element as one of the ones included in the dual element proc, then elements 2 and 3 would merge instead? 

        also please remove the thing where multishot doubles the status chance in the stats of the weapon, it's downright misleading.


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