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Blazing Chakram has too much going on for it


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I was reading the community made conclave ability write up, and found out why Nezha has become such a common sight after the PvE rework:


Blazing Chakram: Knocks down enemies hit and applies a Heat proc to them.. Enemies hit will be marked for the duration, and will take additional damage. Nezha can recats the ability while it is in the air to teleport to the Chakram’s location.

Energy Cost - 25
Damage - 100 + 40 DoT (100% Heat, DoT is dealt in 4 ticks over 3 seconds)
Damage Vulnerability - 25%
Chakram Flight Speed - 60 m/s
Power Duration - 10s
Power Range - 10m

Blazing Chakram is a really easy to spam ability (25 cost) dealing 140 damage (100 on hit + 40 as damage over time) that knocks down, marks enemies and increases the damage they take for the next 10 seconds, AND can be used to reposition or straight up away.

Really cheap since the 100 damage + knockdown is usually enough to make a player become a sitting duck (as every single knockdown does), and the damge increase makes them be finished even faster while they have no way to fight back.

Proposed Changes:
-Increase energy cost: make it cost 50 in order to put it in line with the rest of every other second power available in the game. If the point of the current energy value is to make it use 50 for the teleport, either remove the cost of teleporting or split the 50 cost at around 40 to cast and 10 to teleport to reduce how easily it can be spammed.

-Reduce the damage on hit: 100 damage for 25 energy is simply too much, make it drop anywhere from 25 to 50 damage

-Reduce the damage over time: 40 damage split in 4 ticks over 3 seconds is simply too much when put on top of 100 damage on hit. Aside from dropping the on hit damage, something like 40 damage (10 dmg/tick) would be way more reasonable. alternatively remove the damage on hit completely and make it deal 4 ticks of 15 damage each (60 damage) instead.

-Remove the knockdown: Self explanatory, knockdowns are the equivalent of unplugging your brother's joystic from the console to prevent him from winning a match since there isn't much to do for their duration.

-Remove damage vulnerability phase: Blazing Chakram has way too much going on for a spammable 25 energy power (high damage + damage over time + knockdown + damage vulnerability + optional teleport). If there will be no consistency in energy costs across all warframes, at least make the easily spammable abilities less of a deciding factor when it comes to pvp, otherwise it just becomes who can mash 1 (or in this case "2") faster to knockdown the enemy and kill him.

Other possible fixes would be much appreciated.

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