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K-Drive Multiplier is broken


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Successive grinds after jumping and doing some tricks are not being registered by the point and/or multiplier count. Jumping and doing tricks currently works as if jumping to do tricks is just a pause in an over-all grind, as opposed to before where landing a grind to continue was another trick added on. Recent as of the last patch or two. Grinding at the pearl I'd typically get x30+ multiplier before 100 base points, now I hit 100 points before I break x21. My usual rotation is grind, jump, copter (jump in air), noseplank (w+rmb), land grind, repeat. Doing one trick in the jump now locks you into copy kavat, as landing the grind doesn't start a new grind for points.

Not sure if intentional or not, but it doesn't overly effect me as i was doing this trick rotation before this happened anyways, just means an extra circle or two to me.

Update: Holding rmb as well as crouch when going back into your grind counts the grind in your trick score. This is janky and hopefully unintentional 😕

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