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Spawning bug: enemies flicker into existence as specific spawn locations, then teleport to their 'actual' spawn location.


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This is a jarring visual bug. 

When in missions in Orb Vallis, each mission location has at least one enemy 'origin', where they flicker into existence for a moment, then teleport to the map's actual spawn location.

It is very weird, because a whole group of enemioes show up superimposed in a very quick successtion at one specific location, and disappear just as quickly.

The player tries to shoot them in vain and otherwise gets distracted, being also detrimental to gameplay.

Some screenshots of 'origin' spawn poitns where enemies flicker in and out of existence: 

at the middle of the base:

1871C07DCA4274284AEECF58AA2A1CC641E1C2A0 (1920Ã1080)



In front of the trap target for the unicycle:


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