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Open world Cosmetics to the Market?


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After doing it all in Fortuna, exploring, looting, just racing on my K-drive.
And spending hours in Hydron to max the weapons and companions you can get in Fortuna.
I thought i ''you know, how about we go to Cetus''
(remember Cetus? That plays thats nothing compared to Fortuna?)

Because i wanted to change the interior of my ship and remembered that Cetus also had some items for sale to decorate. But i totally forgot and didnt expect that it would all still be so expensive! 100.000 for a bag with spices, 50k for a...seed thingy... 50k standing. for a fruit basket.

Keep in mind. The Standing limit is 132.000
So you can’t even buy 2 bags of spices at once!
And when you keep in mind that you daily standing is like 20 to 26k. It takes over 4 to 5 days to even get that much for 1 bag. Thats crazy! In Fortuna you can buy ship cosmetics for like 55k credits.

After seeing this i was hoping that they would have done an update in Cetus aswell, lowering the prices since they said that the grind was over the top and wanted to do less.
So why not have them bring the Cetus items on the Plat Market? They already have these carpets, lanterns and balloons. So why not the rest. Make like a Cetus Cosmetic pack.

Ofcourse this hasn't doesn't have to be done now or this year. Let the team have their time and rest after the whole Fortuna update. But it would be nice if they could go back to Cetus sometime and change it up a bit. Make the Gems be worth a bit more standing, give a bonus if a bounty is done right, improve the fishing spots, change the price of wares ect.


This was just something i had on my mind. Thought id share it.



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