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distinguishing k drive usage from archwing


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k drives are fun, but they have no redeeming practical quality. archwing is just so much faster.
faster max speed? check. flying in a straight line to your destination? check. ability to attack enemies? check.
k drives cant do any of that. but there are some solutions!

transferring to archwing or kdrive currently takes away the animal droppings icons on the minimap. with archwing this kinda makes sense since archwing system kinda replaces ur warframe systems completely.

this is where k drives can be useful; just allow the animal dropping icons to stay on the minimap even while riding them. since theyre just a vehicle that the warframe jumps on, it makes sense. letting the mining icons work on kdrives would be awesome too if they dont already work.

we can also extend the above reasoning to allowing some abillities on k drives. toggle abilities should continue even after we jump on a k drive, and 1 hand abilities should be castable while riding k-drives. the warframe is just standing on a hovering device (unlike attaching to the archwing), theres no reason why our abilities shouldnt work.


also ramming enemies at high speed with kdrives and any other vehicles should do damage and guaranteed impact procs!

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