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Open World Concept: Mars, Planum Australe


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I'm working bitby-bit for 2 weeks on this concept; still many many things are to be made but with my exams the next week I can't focus on this for now...

The idea is to continue some logic I think to have found with the two current open-worlds (Cetus & Fortuna):

-Cetus: a tribes trying to survive in a World that can't leave the Past, as a burden, with ghosts coming back again & again... making it impossible to think of the future;

-Fortuna: a colony trying to survive in a World that is dying (conservation, orokin structures) to be reborn (terraformation, new Corpus structures & orbs)

Mars would be about a outpost trying to force their position on the Planet despite the Grineer's resistance; with the Planet at first, looking as already dead, to reveal after more investigations as hiding its Life, to be entirely exposed later. So here, despite the burden of the Past (Earth), or the action of the Present (Fortuna), Life will force its way for the Future.


Story of the Martian OW before the appearance of the Tennos:


An archeologist found something in the inventory of Maroo : he obtained the location of where this relics was found & go there.

After weeks of search, he found an outpost, nearly untouched, from an ancient civilization : one of the few that lived under the control of the Orokin, but which survived their fall ... sadly not as long as the Corpus or the Grineer despite being quite powerful.

As the archeologist continue his work, to completely understand what happened to them, the Grineer noted his intrusion & want to deal with him (by cooperation or force).


That's when the Player take a step on Mars


After that, I though of 2 (maybe 3) parts for this Open World:

1st - it will focus on the story on the civilization; from the kidnapping of childs by the Orokins, to the final Martian War ; but questions are left untold, as why did they feared the come-back of the Infestation so much.

Here the main enemy in clearly the Grineer

2nd - Even if you started to have doubts about it, you can't believe you eyes: you saboted a Grineer cruiser above the Region, which tried to bring doom's day on your Outpost, and instead of just "crashing" into the sands of the Desert... it passes through it... revealing an hidden Sea, maybe an underground Ocean, full of life forms, some of them which we already encounter...

Exploring the Sea and new caves, you continue to learn more, and understand about the Infestation threat...

3rd - The New War will also affect this Region. Along side the basic Battalysts & Mimics, other units appear with their form based on the surface wild-life to be completly insensitive to the Desert storms.


How to access to this Open World ---

Condition: the 1st Orb has to be destroyed - this way we make this the Player has some lvl & acquired the Operator



In the Orbiter, you will receive a message from Biz:

"Hello Outworlder,

There is something that could interest you.

Come back to meet me at Fortuna, you won't regret this.



Once back to Fortuna, you go check Biz; Smokefinger is by his side:

"Welcome back Outworler,

You already know about Smokefinger, don't you ?

His interest in minerals comes from a friend of him.

He's an archeologist who likes to make old things to speak.

Recently, Smokefinger received a message from this friend, with the coordinates of his location.

He's in trouble with the Grineer and despite the danger doesn't want to get out, saying he founds something.

You helped us so much here in Fortuna, may I ask you to see this archeologist on Mars ?

I'm sure that what could be out-there must be of importance... An importance that could be beneficial for you as well, Outworlder."


==> Mars Open World location acquired.





What enemies are expected ?


-Grineer: the standards, without the Ghouls, but way more focus on the Maniacs; to give a feel of these "desert Djinn / Demons / Specters";
-Surface & Water Wild lifes - Desert Skates, Sand spiders, etc...;


What's original, in the content (mission, stuff to do, etc...) ?


1) the standing will affect the "value / importance" of the Outpost - giving ressources taken on this Mars Region will grant the maximum bonus

2) Mars is directly in contact with Cetus & Fortuna: some actions there could influence Mars;

+ no new tools on Mars, you will only need those from Fortuna & Cetus (fishing spear, mining tool), to find slight variant of similar ressources (mostly colour, not counted as different for BP, but could affect the base colour for gems & metals [accessories])

3) Mission - Reintroduction : Biz (Fortuna) is sending a group of captured animals to bring to a safe Cave, where they could live in peace; clear the way !

4) Event - (if Part 2 reached) - Reinfestation, require a specific amount of "reintroduction" quest done by the players : the infestation is trying to go out of some caves networks (feeding on the reintroduced animal, btw...), exterminate !

5) Event - (if Part 2 reached) - Exhumation's Closure, require a specific amount of "value of the Outpost" given by the players : the Grineer send an other Cruiser to bomb the site, spy the fleet & sabotage !

6) Event - (if Part 2 reached + Railjack) - Martial Law, require a specific amount of "value of the Outpost" given by the players : the Grineer is send a fleet to block all the traffic on Mars, open a breach !


What rewards for this Open world ?


-(decoration) hologram of the Last leader of this civilization

-Sentinel crafts - based on the Orokin & this ancient civilization;

-Primary, secondary & melee crafts - based on the Grineer technology + compatible with Zaws (Cetus) & Kitguns (Fortuna)

-Additionnal Amp parts for the Operator

-accessories & syandanas for Warframes;

-accessories & outfits for Operator - based on the Orokin & this ancient civilization



Planum Australe - a region a Mars where the scientists recently found underground pockets of water;

Antic Egypt & Afghanistan - for the architecture, the hidden temples carved in the mountain, cosmetic styles, etc...

Vedic (Afghanistan) - what could be the main building, where the archeologist & all the team will work:



Petra (Jordan) - could be used as reference for hidden "temple", caves, etc...



Longmen caves (China) - could be used as reference for an antic city (with traces of explosions, erosion, even remains of corpses)




+ Easter egg, to be triggered with Inaros equiped when talking to PNJ (giving dialogs related to the warframe's quest).


I have ideas for the maps, but I'm no good with drawings...

I'll try to add things later, but I hope you like the idea ! :clem:

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Neat. Tbh i kinda imagine the people in Mars would be like the people in Cetus. You know, Cetus's clothing and their accent are kinda... deserty. Anyway, i fell your lore concept is okay, but why use people at fortuna for this? There are one major character that have martian origin. Don't want to spoil anything but if you already play inaros's quest, you know who it is.

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il y a 4 minutes, kingvaldemir a dit :

 why use people at fortuna for this? There are one major character that have martian origin. Don't want to spoil anything but if you already play inaros's quest, you know who it is.


It's mostly because of Smokefinger and his dialogs : it's only recently he got into minerals & already talking about the Orokin using argon "to fuel their portals" - we could create a link with a 3rd party, as an archeologist, who studies minerals and the cultures which use them (and for what purpose).

About the "major character" & the "Sand of Inaros" quest: they are the core of the easter egg - if you are running Inaros & talk to some peoples, it will trigger (once) a dialog. I would like the place of the Quest to be a "village" quite a bit far, from the ancient capital & the outpost we're discovering.

In fact it's a bit more than an easter egg, but an addition helping to understand why a specific event occured (involve politics betwen the Orokin & their relation with Mars).

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