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Suggestions for Conservation


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Overall I've been enjoying conservation more than i thought i initially would, but despite some changes made via hotfixes there are still some issues that need to be addressed, and a few other things that i believe would help to improve the overall experience.

Wind Direction - It would be nice to have some sort of compass-like UI indicator that shows which way the wind is blowing.  In my experience, relying on particle effects has been hit and miss, and while its a neat interaction for something that's purely cosmetic, I don't think we should have to rely on cloth-based syandanas to determine wind direction.  Not everyone owns or uses a syandana that works well for this, and when using invisibility you cant see the cloth parts of the syandana at all. 


Tranq Rifle Upgrades - as many other have suggestion, i think tranq rifle upgrades would be a wonderful addition, which I have a few examples/ideas listed below

Basic Stat Upgrades

  • accuracy
  • projectile flight speed
  • reload time
  • magazine size.

Accessory Upgrades

  • Silencer
  • Armor-Piericing Rounds (larger vulnerable area on bolarolas)
  • Extra-Strength Tranq Serum (only 1 shot needed for Kubrodons)
  • Zoom Scope Upgrade (extra level of zoom)

Armor Piercing Rounds, Extra-Strength Tranq Serum (ammo types designed to deal with specific creatures) could be a reusable blueprint that you have to craft in order to use, much like Dye/Fish-Specific Baits (for PoE fish anyway).  These items could be used from the 3rd slot that pops up when you have the tranq/echo lure UI pop up.

These Upgrades would help improve the experience of hunting and make it more of a choice than necessity to use certain warframes to cheese conservation (I'm looking at you, Ivara).  I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I personally do not enjoy using Ivara - I'm not overly fond of her aesthetic, prefer other frames for their mobility, and using sleep arrows just takes the fun out of it for me.


Additional Uses for Animal Tags : Another thing I've seen suggested by a number of other people and that I also agree with.  Floofs and the little Boy-Scout-esque emblem you can get are lovely and all, but there needs to be other things that you can trade tags for to keep people interested in Conservation. Some suggestions for additional uses for tags are as follows:

  • Extra standing: trade for Debt Bonds or Gem
  • Exchange for Rarer Subspecies Tags: either as a direct exchange (like 5 Sunny Pobber Tags -> 1 Delicate Pobber Tag, 5 Delicate Pobber Tags -> 1 Subterranean Pobber Tag, etc) or by giving us a consumable to boost spawn chances for a rarer species

The above 2 suggestions were originally made by the OP here https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1037154-use-for-extra-tags/?tab=comments#comment-10352746

  • Kubrow / Kavat Skins:  Kubrodon skins for our Kubrows/Chargers, Virmink skins for Kavats (while its a bit of a stretch, Virminks appear to use the same skeleton).  
  • Terrarium: Could be a market item, or could be something you exchange a large sum of various tags for.  Basically like the main fish tank you can use in yer Orbiter's Personal Quarters
  • Live Specimens: exchange a number of tags for a live specimen that you can put in the terrarium.  Or maybe just have them roam the ship. Either or.


Animal Tweaks : Some of these may or may not be bugs, but either way I feel could use some adjustments.

  • Corpus enemies should not scare off an animal unless they are actively attacking it.  Ive had so many hunts ruined by corpus enemies that are initially out of my radar range
  • Corpus Drop Ships should not drop more enemies near you once the call point is discovered / remain within a certain range of that point until the hunt is completed. So many times Id kill enemies to clear the area for my hunt, only to have a ship come and drop off more.
  • Ive noticed this the most with Kubrodons, but if an animal happens to spawn anywhere other than upwind of the call-point, it seems to near-instantly get alerted and run off. Perhaps tweaking  the range in which it can detect you can help the issue.
  • Kubrodons still just straight up vanish into thin air if you get your second shot off any time after they begin their digging animation, which just doesn't feel right.
  • Bolarola's weakspot hitbox is kind of janky.  If we do get an upgrade for tranq rifles like the ammo-piercing rounnds, itll make them easier to deal with, but still some adjustments would be nice.
  • Anything to improve the footprint trails.  They've been getting better, but I know some people still have issues finding/following them.


 Other Suggestions:

  • Now that we can no longer assign specific Echo-Lures to the gear wheel, can we please have it so it remembers the last-used Echo Lure (even if only for that session) so we don't have to constantly switch when hunting a specific animal?
  • If we have a Tranq Rifle/Echo Lure equipped and then switch to K-Drive or Archwing, have them remained equipped
  • Last I checked, having an Echo Lure equipped in Archwing disables both abilities and the ability to move up/down.  I can understand abilities, but we should still retain our movement control
  • As suggested by other people, let us use the tranq rifle on regular non-boss enemies.

There are probably other things I'm forgetting that I'll probably add later.

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On 2018-12-03 at 3:15 PM, Teliko_Freedman said:

I want an indicator on the rifle, telling me which ways the animals are coming from.


As an extra function of the Echo Lure, i could see this working.  Like we have a horizontal meter along with the normal vertical meter for the echo lure. The vertical meter adjusts pitch by moving camera up / down like normal, and the horizontal meter could be a this sound wave looking thing and you move your camera left and right to see the sound waves in different directions.  Large waves would indicate that's where the call is coming from, very small waves / flat line would would be the opposite.  This would give a visual representation to work with that people might find useful, as i have heard a number of people having issues determining where the animal is coming from.

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