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Adapting/ evolving frame concpet!


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This an idea i posted like a year ago idea and I wanted to try again, to look if anyone is interested :P. The idea was basicly shifting your stats to gain different bonuses and be very flexible (this idea was inspired by Dota 2 morphling btw). I personnally really love the idea but even after putting some thought to it, kinda afraid I made a mess out of it. 


HP: 100--> 300
Shield: 100--> 300
Armour: 100
Energy: 125--> 175

Passive- Survival of the fittest: Gain 3% increased dmg from all "self" sources againts enemies you killed recently, stacks with each enemy killed of that type, each stack last 15 sec (Ex: killed 8 arid butchers in the last 10 sec, so you have 24% increased damage from all "self" sources againts those enemies)

1th Ability- Adapt:  



Tap once to switch between 2 shifting modes, "Mind" and "Beast". Long tap to evolve towards the chosen mode. (Havent really thought about the numbers of the bonuses yet).

The adaption drains energy to "charge" the bonuses. When switching mode and starting to adapt towards it, all bonuses from the previous adaption will quicly decrease until you have 0% adaptation and then you can start adaptin toward the switched mode.

Adaption bonuses cannot be affected by any stats. Maybe make them decay after a short period?


  • Transform x% of HP to shield.
  • Faster shield recharge start and rate.
  • +Power eff, +power str, -power dur, -power range.


  • Transform x% of shield to HP.
  • Armor
  • +Power dur, +power range, -power str, abilities have cd.

Augment: Pack Adaption-

Bonuses from adapting are gained to allied at 50% effectiveness for 10/15/20 sec. Note, the bonuses are from each end of adaption, which means that if you adapted 25% towards a mode then the bonuses gaind from that will spread, and if you then adapted additonal 30% then your allied will gain the "30%" the second time, not 55%.


 2th Ability- Adaptive mastery:




Spammable energy ring blades. Each lasts 12/14/16/18 sec (scale with dur), randomly attacks nearby enemies once a sec. Can be cast on enemies for directed attack. Up to 10/14/18/20 rings at a time each dealing 100/125/150/175 dmg.


Taunt, gain more armor that decay quickly.


3th Ability- Evolutionary jump:  




Buff that give a chance to repel projectiles and bullet shots. Does not work againts melee. Energy rings gain minor punch-through.


Remove all status effect on use, then gain a buff for you and allies to physical dmg status based on status removed. Slash adds a 2%/2%/3%3% of enemy hp to the bleed proc, Impct make enemies less accurete after stagger stop, and shots the inflict Puncture gain punch-thruogh 


4th Ability- Perfect form:



Transformation lasts 20s(?), affected by power dur. After duration ends, back to 0% adaptation, and cant adapt for 25s. Can still switch modes.


  • Visual change. Energy erupts and engulf the frame body, leaving only a few physical body part visible.
  • Gain 80% of hp as shields (x2?). Impact now only slows you down rather then stagger.
  • Roll and bullet jump are now short range teleport and by holding space bar you can hover.
  • Double ring limit, range and cast speed. They now your only source of damage (exaltded ring blades/ chackrams?).
  • Casting 3th ability give rings greater punch-thruogh thruogh enemies, not terrain though. Now works againts melee and realese an energy arc when hit.


  • Visual change. Become much bigger and buffy looking. I imagine it like enraged winston from Overwatch.
  • Gain all shield as HPx2.
  • Bullet jump become a charge-able leap with shockwave(?).
  • Gain minor hp regen and thornes vs melee attackers.
  • Limited to melee (your fists).
  • 2th ability now taunts all enemies in sight, those in null baubles as well, and grants you and allies hp regen.
  • 3rd ability now remove all proc and make you immune to physical proc for the duration. The buff now affect your melee attacks: Slash give your hands claws with 100% chance to proc bleed and an increased reach, impct make your slam attacks knock enemies over and deal increased impct damage and puncture make your spin attacks release quils.



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