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Character Model Stuck in Terrain


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You have made a believer out of me. Love the voodoo you do to bring warframe to Nintend Switch. I understand with all new launches, there will be bugs. I don't see the proper bug report for Switch. Was referred by customer sevice to repost here.        So, there is a bug on the Earth where I was jumping in my Rino and I got stuck in branches and had to let the bad guy kill me so I could respawning to get unstuck. I have attached a screen shot of the location. Thanks, Michael: User Name Mazer_Rackam


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Happening to me quite a bit on switch, rarely happens to me on the other platforms though. One was pretty cool, I was inside a hollow tree.

Just a heads up to help these time, Ive been using the command /unstuck (just type that in squad chat), you get the reply "you have been unstuck" it has worked ever single time so far.

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