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Tranq rifle huge fps drop


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I got a huge problem with the tranq rifle since the newest update.

My game runs at 140fps on highest settings, no problems there. But if i equip the tranq rifle, any camera movement causes huge fps loss. If I don't move my mouse, the fps stays at 140, but constantly moving the camera reduces it to 3FPS. Literally 3. This happens the moment i equip the tranq rifle, doesn't matter am I on Earth or Orb Vallis. Even if I unequip the rifle, it doesn't fix the issues. If I abort and go to another mission the game works normally again at 140fps. Until i equip the tranq rifle again. How can equipping a rifle have such a huge impact on fps?

some pc specs: gtx1080, 6600k, 16gb ram

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Same here though I am not sure if it comes from the tranq rifle in my case because to me it seemed like it would randomly appear when using the gear wheel and I also have been told that someone had the error in the Plains without the tranq rifle. Its also not only camera movement, its mouse movement in general (you will realize it when using the mouse in the gear wheel or map or the ESC menu) I am just hoping for a quick fix since this is a really annoying issue and not a small bug.

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This happens to me as well, I thought it was the item wheel so just used a hotkey but the same issue occurs. After a while I just have to exit the Vallis and then go back to continue which while isn't the end of the world would be nice to not have to do.

CPU Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3770k
RAM 16GB DDR3 G.Skill TridentX

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