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Free Zenistar Riven...If...


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Only for Playstation Tenno

Indeed it is free, but there's the catch to this. 

You will have to guess how many Valkyrs/Banshees I have. Don't worry, they're both the same amount in numbers. 

Why am I doing this you ask? Well, I'm bored and a lot of Rivens were "balanced", so I have no use for them anymore. 

If you want a hint, I will give it to you. The hint is on my PSN background viewable via PS4 or PS app. There's another catch: my profile/background hasn't been updated in god knows how long. Soooo....best of luck! 

Note: There's no limit on how many guesses you have. As long as you get the amount correct, it's yours to keep. 


Message via PSN if you want to submit your answer. 

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