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what to do with all that vitus piling up and sortie rewards


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A frequent complaint for sorties is dissatisfaction with the reward table (Yes I am in line with a number on that).

 I’d like to suggest that vitus can be used (that is spent) in some set or increments to improve your choice or chances on the loot table. Nothing spent gives you standard chances, a certain increment, a better chance at higher drop items (in the same way as void traces refine relics), a huge amount, something that might take 20 hours of arbitration time would allow you to pick your choice from the drop table.

The idea here is not to seriously change the economy of the sortie drop table, but to offer (vets aka the dedicated) a means to work for their reward.

It would have to be offered before the sortie start to make it manageable within DE’s infrastructure but I think it would work out.

Let’s say somebody wants a potato or kuva or a riven, it means every once and a while they can pick it. Not like cores are worth much now a days anyways with so much endo and credits to be had.

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12 hours ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

Use Vitus to buy multiple Power Donation and Cautious Shot

sell them at 5p each.


I'm not a big Riven Tycoon, but I find a steady income in the little things. Just enough to buy the inventory slots I need.

I’m more interested in changing the sortie reward dynamic. I’m mr25 on ps4. Affinity boosters don’t interest me, neither bananas or endo. Every once and a while I’d like to pick.

Arbitration vitus is a play thru and activity check . Since I make the plat  I want with other mods etc and collect stars enough (and it’s not a thing on console yet), vitus is a “vet” level currency.. and I think the option would be nice.

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