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Ember passive needs change (and any other passive thats bad)


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Telling someone to proc themselves with heat damage while in Sortie mission is, or already she has bad passive like any other warframe with bad passive.


This is my suggestion that only work as band aid to the rest of her abilities.


Eternal Flame


Enemies within 20 meters of Ember increase her stats.


Each enemy detected increase each of the stat. Enemy killed within her range will reduce the stat points.


Power Strength - 10% per enemy

Power Range - 10% per enemy

Efficiency - 5% per enemy


Suggestion 2#


Hell Cauldron


Ember passively cast Accelerant without energy cost whenever she take a damage. Passive cast does not interrupt Ember movement. Accelerant passive will refresh Accelerant active duration when passively cast.


Enemies that suffered heat proc status will have 35% chance to drop energy orb when killed by any source of damage (friendly fire radiation, Chaos target, sentinel kills, pets kills, saryn's spores etc).

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