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Greatly Reduced Stealth Attack Damage


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My Dual Heat Swords are more than capable of outright killing weaker enemies with stealth attacks, and can usually take off 50% to 80% of an Ancient Infested's HP bar with a stealth attack.  They're fairly powerful.  Or at least they were...


I haven't used them since a couple updates back (since 9.5, maybe?), but I sure remember them being much stronger than taking off only a small chunk of a Leaper's HP.  (The pic below was taken right after performing a stealth attack on a Leaper.)



I don't know what caused this monstrous decrease in damage.  My Dual Heat Swords are at a higher level with better mods than they were before.  The only reason why I can see they're dealing such little damage on stealth attacks is due to some kind of bug.

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