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A simple plasma cannon


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Back In the days there used to be a game named firefall. It had frame for all combat situations and weapons for the Job too. 

1 weapons that has burnednin the back of my head is the assult frame plasma can on and its variants

It was a simple weapons whit simple mechanik that hampered spamming that devastating direct hit and its aoe dmg

Wich was over heatting. 

ID love to have something like This In warframe. 

It wud not be op since you just Cant spam it In the crowds and wipe em

Limited magazine of 5/25? Whit modules and that damn over heatting you had to be acurate. 

Soooo how bout it fellow tenno

A simple plasma cannon whit good direct hit dmg and medium aoe for Spice. Over heat for the gimik and wola you got your self a weapons to love or trash after mastering. 

And since it has that damn over heatting it cud have an mod that allows you to store that heat bit longer and disperse it at an enemy that is tad bit close for comfort. Vent the heat on em and once they be boiling on yer blody feet. Open up whit another salvo for those nitwits who chose to pick a figth whit YOU and YOU'R simple but devastating plasma cannon. 

Will stop rambling now. But yea

plasma cannon wud be dope

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