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By lagging, do you mean frame rate or latency?

If it's latency, check your connectivity to various other websites using Speedtest, etc to ensure that the problem is not on your end. If you have confirmed that your connection to various destinations is acceptable, look into your gameplay configurations to set up your region to the region you are in and lower the matchmaking latency. If you're still being paired into games beyond the latency limit you've set, then the problem is on the squad leader and there's not much else you can do on your end besides finding another squad, etc.

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Pretty sure you feel edgy using those two words, but no, not everything is laggy or buggy in Warframe nowadays.

If you can't stand hosts with poor connections, either stop running public or check your parameter and lower the latency threshold.

And the quantity of bugs is really acceptable, Fortuna had a kinda smooth launch.

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