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Decoration exclusion zones around dojo doorways, and an argument for their complete removal


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In the dojo, you are barred from placing decorations near doors. About a meter or two away from a door is roughly the distance at which you're allowed to place decorations. This, to me, is extremely frustrating, especially with all the amazing dojo improvements we've had.

This 'exclusion zone' (because it sounds cool) stifles creativity. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I thought through a couple of arguments.

Number 1: Trolling players by trapping them in a room. This is about the standard thought one might have. But consider: if you trap a player, what do you accomplish? Players can leave your dojo at any time. It will be unusable for trading. If you have other clan members, they'll probably leave. Trying to trap players with decorations is not only already possible, but also only damages you.

Number 2: Blocking off spawns. This one I could understand as a technical thing (even though you can kinda put decorations on spawns already), however, with the layout of the vast majority of dojo rooms, this is not a reasonable excuse. It'd make sense for the main entrance where players actually spawn, but what about side doors? What about connectors and hallways, which you can't spawn in? What about doorways in, say, the Observatory?

Number 3: Accidentally blocking yourself in. I've heard this one before, and the solution is simple; you can't block yourself in. You can remove decorations, yes?

Imagine the kinds of awesome things people could do with this. Like, for example, I wanted to have a short hallway leading to an overgrown garden room. This hallway was going to have grass and a bit of foliage, as if the garden were spilling out into the hallway. But two thirds of the hallway cannot be used for decoration. My neat little plan was limited to having an area about the size of a small grass patch in the exact middle of the hallway, and that's it.

For the sake of true decoration freedom, I believe it's time for this restriction to go. Now that we have all these awesome props and atmospherics, and we have the axis movement that makes tweaking decoration placement so much better, and we have the lighting overhaul and everything, this is the last big thing that gets in the way.

I'm happy to discuss any other concerns anyone might have, but I truly believe that, unless it's a technical issue, there's no reason to keep it.

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Agreed; I find those unadorned dead end doors to be a bit of an eyesore.

They really stick out and distract from rooms that are exquisitely decorated otherwise. If there isn't any major technical barrier involved, I'd really like to be able to decorate in those areas.

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