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Will give ranking Smeeta Kawat Mastery Points?



First I'm not into WarFrame pets - they AI are more in Artificial Idiot domain, but  6000 Mastery Points per breed are still a lot.

Secondary - I don't have luck on Kawat DNA drop so I must rely on (very small number of) alerts.

So after today alert have enough DNA to start a breeding process, start it and only then go to check My Profile to see what Kawat I have ranked prior. And then I see a disturbing image of Smeeta Kawat not showing in roster - pets.pngSo question: is this a bug of My Profile UI and (if RND don't give me Adarza again) my Smeeta will be shown there and/or generate Mastery points when ranked or Smeeta Kawat don't give Mastery point on ranking?

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