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Problems with font for Korean


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While the English Warframe uses variety of fonts, the Korean does only one.
Early this year, new sub-pixel text rendering was applied, but there are problems with the font currently using for Hangul, the Korean characters.

  • The only font is not compatible with sub-pixel rendering (and also Hangul). LCDs will display their strokes rough.
  • This font is for print. Not friendly to LCDs.
  • The font-weight (=thickness of strokes) is too light for Hangul. Hangul's strokes are dense like Hanzi, but require more precision reading Hangul.
  • This font is old version, old style, Hangul characters are ticky-tacky, the capital "I" doesn't have necessary serifs and the number "1" has unnecessary serifs, etc.
  • Lack of legibility and readability. (e.g. Navigation, Free-roam maps, ...)

Here are some comparisons:




... There are plenty of open-source fonts for Korean free to commercial use. Most games in Korea are using them.
Please consider changing the Korean Warframe's font to clearer and bolder one(s) for better game experience.

Thank you.

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