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Concept for a 2 in 1 Speargun/melee weapon


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I just love Spearguns like the Ferrox because of their unique design. Since they look like a spear or staff, why not also beat enemies with them? I had the idea of a weapon that once equipped, it takes up the Primary and the Melee spot in the arsenal selection screen. You can separately put in mods like on any other weapon as if it were 2 different melee and primary weapons. While playing you can just switch weapons like you would normally do, but instead with this weapon you would either enter melee or gun "mode". Maybe DE can even add a little animation for the transition or remove the switch animation for that 2 in one feel. What do you guys think? I really want to see more Spearguns.

Maybe even add a few fun mechanics that encourage switching during a fight like for example for every hit during melee mode the magazine replenishes to some degree or damage done in gun mode is accumulated and can be released with a heavy strike.

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