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Gara's splinter storm doesn't damage enemies when cast in the rift plane


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I was playing as Gara with a Limbo on my team. When I cast Splinter Storm outside the rift plane, it damages enemies normally, even if I go into Limbo's Cataclysm or get Banished. If i cast Splinter Storm while inside Limbo's Cataclysm, it won't damage enemies when I leave and return to the normal plane.

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Bump. Also, I might as well explain this better while i'm here. 

Unlike most abilities, Gara's Splinter Storm does not hit enemies through the rift plane. This may be a bug itself. When cast un-rifted, It will damage only un-rifted enemies. When cast rifted, it will damage only rifted enemies. This is annoying, but can be worked around. The trouble comes from when Gara herself switches planes. The Splinter Storm cast in the rift plane stays in the rift plane. If Gara casts Splinter Storm while Banished (i think) or while in a Cataclysm (i know), then leaves the rift plane, the glass does not damage enemies on the normal plane. If Gara casts Splinter Storm before entering a Cataclysm, the glass does not damage enemies in it. Upon leaving, it will damage normal enemies, but never rifted ones.

It seems like when the target of shatter storm switches planes, the storm itself gets left in whatever plane the target was in when it was cast, and since it doesn't hit through the rift plane it does no damage to enemies in the current plane.

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