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Solo vault runs with Titania and all 4 dragon keys and the relic effect sometimes stack the effect infinitely


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If you have all four dragon keys equipped while playing as Titania, and get the vault relic, sometimes the effect of the vault relic reapplies every time you switch to Razorwing or Operator mode. It doesn't seem to trigger with the shield and health effects, but seems to trigger with the damage one, and DEFINITELY triggers with the slow one. when this happens, you will get more slowed after switching to Operator or Razorwing. After two or three times, you aren't able move at all anymore. With the damage effect, I sometimes cant break the containers on the ground with Dex Pixia or my Arca Plasmor. That seems like it's more than the damage reductions should be, but they are steep reductions, so maybe not.

This might apply to other frames, but it is fairly easy to trigger with Titania. I could not get this to work in my testing with Limbo, but I ran out of keys before finding a slow relic to test with.

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