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Palladion, the Divine Shield


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Holy Knight,

Call forth heavenly power to protect your allies. With exalted spear and shield, electrocute all heretics who stand before you!


Palladion is meant to be a true tank, by attracting enemy fire to himself and protecting allies through the blocking mechanic. By forcing enemies to attack him, he can easily utilize his passive and second ability. His lightning theme is based on the idea of lightning representing divine wrath in many legends in different mythologies.


Health: 300

Shields: 300

Armor: 200

Energy: 200

Sprint Speed: 1.0


Passive: Shield of Legend

Blocking gains 95% efficiency. After blocking 300 or more damage, Palladion will send out a shockwave on release, knocking enemies down and restoring Palladion's energy based on the number of enemies knocked down.

Ability 1: Harbinger of Salvation

Palladion forces the attention of all enemies around him onto himself, maxing out his threat level and gaining 10/15/20/25% damage reduction for a short time.

Palladion's next melee attack will shoot forked lightning in a cone based on your melee weapon's damage.

(On activation, plays the sound of rumbling thunder and then a pulse will emit from Palladion. The next melee will have lightning emerge from the tip of whatever melee weapon you're using)

Ability 2: Seraphic Shield

Palladion harnesses divine energy, becoming immune and gains overshields equal to the damage taken while immune. Afterwards, he will channel the light, glowing brighter based on damage taken. Once canceled, he will release the channeled damage in a flash of light, blinding enemies. The range of the flash will increase based on the damage absorbed.

(While first activating, a ray of light will shine on Palladion, then while channeling, Palladion will grow brighter the more incoming damage he blocks.)

Ability 3: Divine Judgment

Palladion summons a bolt of lightning to strike the target location, dealing 500/600/700/800 electric damage. If the bolt strikes Palladion, it will charge Seraphic Shield and send out arcing bolts of lightning that deal electric damage.

(Palladion will point at the target location which will promptly grow dark, soon being struck by a bolt of lightning.)

Ability 4: Svalinn & Ascalon

Palladion summons his exalted shield and spear, causing a halo to appear above him. Blocking with Svalinn will allow Palladion to block from all sides, protected by heavenly wings. Ascalon ignores a % of armor on thrust attacks and has high punch-through. The Exalted Weapon features electric damage and higher status chance. Has average crit stats.

Attack chain concepts:

Thrust, thrust, swipe, shield bash

Thrust, thrust, electric AoE while vaulting over spear, ground slam attack

Thrust, thrust, wide sweep,  AoE ground slam that summons lightning

Charged/Heavy attacks will stab forward while shooting forked lightning that chains between enemies.

Finishers will cause Palladion to impale the enemy with Ascalon, summoning a lightning bolt to strike them for severe electric damage (and bad-assery)

Slam attacks cause a bolt of lightning to strike upon landing.

(Thrusts and swipes will play the sound of rumbling thunder. Each slam attack and lightning summon will play the sound of a lightning bolt, making it seem like he is a lightning cloud flying across the battlefield.)

Warframe Quest: Beacon of Hope

A village of ancient Grineer defectors have been the target of multiple attacks recently on Earth. As they pray to their ancient champion from the Orokin Era, you must aid Cressa Tal in defending them and their beacon of hope, the Bulwark of Palladion. 

Final Mission:

Having been pushed back by Vay Hek's forces, you defend the village itself as the people desperately pray to the Bulwark of Palladion.

After a boss fight against a powerful ghoul, Vay Hek sends in a fleet of Grineer ships, one armed with a powerful weapon. When all hope of defending the village seems lost, you enter a moment of transference from an unknown source. After a brief cutscene, you discover that Palladion's Tenno lives on but without a physical body and your presence has awakened him again. 

The Bulwark of Palladion begins to glow and move, revealing it to be the warframe itself. Palladion charges forward to protect his people one last time, absorbing the powerful laser from the ship using his wings of light and then releasing the energy towards them, destroying his fleet. Palladion is destroyed and the Tenno's spirit passes on as the sky clears, revealing the sun. The village rewards you with the Palladion Blueprint and Cressa Tal thanks you for your aid.

Palladion's parts can be found in Rotation C of various Defenses on planets near Earth

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