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Reverse channel on Garuda 4


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Garuda's 4 is at odds with her design. 1 and 2 are virtually instant cast abilities and that gives them a feel of violent impact. 4 is sluggish. It is meant to augment your [team's] DPS, but by the time you get it off on any number of targets, they could have been dead already.

Suggestion: Tapping 4 should give you the wide angle "mark" with the same immediacy as her 1/2. Channeling should narrow the focus and fill a hallway or single target with death. This would also give her something to do with the massive quantities of energy she can potentially generate (another common criticism) by lowering the opportunity cost of a 'good' effect. Exact values would need some tinkering, and possibly reduce the CC effect (thought at 100 energy it may be warranted).

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15 hours ago, 70five said:

...but by the time you get it off on any number of targets, they could have been dead already.

This probably means you didn't need to unload your '4'. I've run into this and it's usually me just wanting to push buttons and use energy in a situation where it really isn't threatening enough to throw down with the big hurt. 

I usually play Garuda as a gun platform with extreme staying power and only drag out the hurt stick when alone and heavily pressured. 

15 hours ago, LSG501 said:

I personally don't mind the way it is now, I just wish it was faster....

A point. I also am beginning to feel the animation time on Garuda's ultimate is too long. When you see almost everyone advocating Natural Talent builds, that is probably telling you its cast time is still too long. NT use should be a nicety for tuning, not a mandatory mod because a power is just that clumsy to use. 

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