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Loud Noise


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Playing through the Mariana alert mission, when I was almost finished a loud noise similar to a car horn or a roar happened. I was not using any abilities and was alone at the time. I was using Trinity Prime warframe and Fang Prime melee (I didn't bother to use guns on a rather low-level quest).

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i too heard this sound when a corrupted grinneer used a Loki like switch teleport on me. it scare the ever living crap out of everyone in the skype call i was in. (as well as the current in game party i was in when said sound went off.) I thought i was going to have a heart attack when my flat screen TV which was set only at a volume of 8 boomed the horrible sound loud enough to wake my brother in law at the other end of the house! (meaning louder then the volume set at 64)
Sadly he DOES have a heart condition and such sudden scares are worse for him then that was for myself!

i thought this sound bug was corrected ON PC long before Revenant was released. So why is it reappearing in the Switch Edition after the Revenant hot fix release? XD

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Just happend to me when I joined a squad on Orb Vallis for Profit-Taker.

Damn, lucky my I was not wearing headphones, but damn that was loud.

Its probably not easy to fix, but yeah.

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