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Snipetron (Vandal) needs a buff (and changes)


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1. Give it much higher damage. Due to it's high recoil it should be dealing a lot of damage. +200 to puncture (sounds OP, but read 2).

2. Reduce the fire-rate, the Snipetron has too much that it feels like a Grinlok. A sniper should have one shot per long pause.

3. Give the thing some crit damage. Snipers are crit based, and when the Snipetron only has a x1.5 crit damage, that makes it a wuss of a sniper. I'd say it should have AT LEAST x2.3 crit damage.

4. The Snipetron should have it's own design. Matching it with Lanka is a bit lazy.

5. This last suggestion is just an add-on; if it isn't added that's fine: it would be cool if the Snipetron became our first suppressed sniper.

These buffs and changes would need for the weapon to be more upper tier. Change MR to 10 (12 for Vandal). It's already hard to obtain, so obtaining it should stay the same. (Plague Star, invasions only make the drop in invasions twice as rare)

Final stats

- 18 impact | 344 puncture | 18 slash (380 total damage)

- 30% crit chance | x2.3 crit multiplier

- PT 2.5m (same)

- Status chance 12% (same)

- Scope combos and stats stay the same.

Final stats (Vandal)

- 10 impact | 380 puncture | 10 slash (400 total damage)

- 30% crit chance (+7%) | x2.8 crit multiplier

- PT 3m (same)

- Status chance 16% (same)

- Scope combos and stats stay the same.

Possible re-skin

Image result for futuristic sniper rifle(Just found this on google images) The barrel should be thin-ish and long, since it's puncture based, and because of the sound it makes (if #5 wasn't taken into consideration).

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Sniper Rifles got a Fire Rate increase across the board for a reason - previously they did just a fairly apalling job of follow up shots or just hitting the many Enemies we're fighting in a reasonable time frame.

it's interesting that you referenced Grinlok because Grinlok was left out of that, even though it's basically a light Sniper Rifle. and it shares a similar problem - the default Fire Rate just kinda feels bad to use. it kinda needs to be bumped up as well (to say 2.0).

not to mention that Fire Rate determines Refire Delay - and when it's super low, you'll try to shoot again or Reload or many other things, and find that you're now allowed to yet because the Refire Delay has not been reached yet.
and ultimately, i think that's a good thing. rather than having most Sniper Rifles be about oneshotting a Boss and then not being able to shoot for several seconds after that - having them still hit quite hard but be a better balanced mixture of Damage per Shot and responsiveness just feels better to play with overall.


i would rather go the other way with the Crits, personally. i want a Sniper Rifle(s) that goes for something distinctly different. vanilla Snipetron having a higher Crit Chance than Vandal is an interesting start, but i want the Guns to go all in.
i would give applause to vanilla Snipetron being something like 75%/1.5x, and Snipetron Vandal being 60%/2.0x.
something to truly make Snipetron stand out statistically. this also achieves the increased Damage per Shot you're looking for, but in another more interesting way(since each Sniper Rifle will go up atleast one Crit Tier in all cases).


and other unique features you can think of - how to make a Sniper Rifle stand out from the other Sniper Rifles? since that's what they are mostly lacking overall, they function very, very similar to each other.
off the top of my head, i have giving it B0re - bonus Damage based on the number of Enemies you hit in a single Shot. dunk on half a dozen dudes with one Shot? what if you got... +0.2x Damage for every Enemy past one that you hit (so 6 Enemies would be 2.2x Damage).

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The Snipetron shouldn't even exist except for people thinking they needed to have it again. Calling DE lazy when it was replaced by the Lanka for lore reasons and was never intended to exist at the same time as the Lanka is asinine.

Even if DE were to listen to the forums about what should be buffed (spoilers: they don't), +200 damage is absurd. Buffing the Crit Damage on top of that is beyond. This isn't even remotely reasonable.

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There is something called the Vectis Prime if you wish a high crit high base damage sniper rifle with a slowed down rate of fire.

basically what you described there.

also, the Lanka is the revised version of Snipetron, not the other way round.

I am not sure how close you snipe with sniper rifles, because usually the recoil as it is, and adjusting to follow up shots typically
take longer than the fire rate permits.

Kind of like you can mod a Lex Prime to fire rapidly, the recoil and muzzle climb would become the limiting factor
at "effective fire rate" since if you ever rapid fire a Lex at longer distance the crosshair will not be on target much less hitting it.

The Design you suggested is kind of close to the Remington 700/ M40 design with a single barrel, 


the Snipetron just occur to me that it resembles an Enfield Sniper because of the muzzle part as well as magazine.



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