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MOAs and you


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9 hours ago, Zergie said:

so are MOAs now the most used companion?!

given that they have the brain dead AI of Pets and only like 14 available mods and only the useless Sentinel weapons...No, no I dont think they are the most used 

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16 hours ago, Helch0rn said:

please explain

Moas have the same pathfinding as Kavats and Kubrows.  Meaning, they are total idiots and will happily stand in a hallway counting rivets while a Bombard murders you to death.  They can use Sentinel weapons, but nearly all Sentinel weapons are garbage.  They have extremely low damage, extremely low rate of fire, small magazines, and Crit and Status chance only slightly above zero.  Sweeper Prime and Deconstructor Prime can do decent damage, but Sweeper Prime still can't be used to proc status effects because of the absurd way shotgun pellets interact with Status Chance.  (Only one pellet in a cluster will have a *chance* to proc Status Effects until you hit 100%.  Then *ALL* of them proc status effects.  So any chance less than 100% is pointless.)

You can't control where or when Companion pets will use their abilities.  For Kavats it doesn't matter as much because the ones people care about have a massive AoE and pretty much affect the entire team if the kitty bothers to use them.  For Moas, they'll happily stomp or fire their grenades at absolutely nothing (or at a target that moved or died a few seconds ago.)  The powers themselves are... kind of pointless. 

Antigrav grenade has a *tiny* AOE, and does a massive 60 points of damage, plus a completely unspecified bonus boost to any damage the target takes while it's floating.  it's Titania's Lantern power, except worse in just about every way.

Whiplash Grenades seem to have serious Line of Sight problems, and I've *never* noticed it grabbing more than maybe two enemies at a time.  And that's with Infested that will happily swarm your Moa at point blank range.  I'm not sure I've ever actually noticed it doing *anything* to Corpus or Grineer.

The little shield bubble might be useful for the damage reduction, if your Moa would reliably stand next to you.  They do not, and most of the time it's up your Moa will be staring at a wall on the far side of the room.

Stomp has massive ragdoll, which can maybe sometimes be accidentally useful.  Mostly it just seems to blast enemies off their feet just as you're trying to shoot them in the face.  Again, assuming the Moa isn't stomping in the middle of an empty room.

The Hacking precept *is* sometimes useful, or at least funny.  It turns out that Moas will hack *anything* that produces the Hack prompt.  Including Corpus Moa Closets, the Ambulas, and downed Bursas.  So it *does* have a little utility on Corpus tilesets where there's lots of things it can interact with.  It's basically pointless in most Infested or Grineer missions though.  At best, it will turn off the alarms on a Grineer Survival map.  If you're incredibly careful leading the MOA to the terminal in a Spy mission, I guess maybe the Moa could hack that, but I've never bothered to test it.

Tractor Beam makes you better at bullet jumping.  So if that's a thing that is actually useful to you somehow... there you go.  Although again, it's dependent on the Moa being close enough to use it on you and actually paying attention.  Also worth noting that Moas themselves kind of suck at parkour (and navigation in general) so good luck having it close enough to make a difference if you're bouncing around an Infested Derelict or something.

Moas also had a fun little bug where they couldn't actually gain XP for their equipped weapons.  If you want to level up the new Moa weapons, you have to equip them on a Sentinel.  (It's a known bug and being addressed, but it was around for quite a while without getting fixed.)

Moa pets are a fun idea, and I went ahead and built (and bought) a couple of each type.  And when they do a Pet Moa 2.0 in a couple of years, I might even equip them again.  Until then they're fashion accessories, not combat companions.

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