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Best Red Crit Build For Nikana Prime



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This is feedback, not players helping players. You're supposed to come here to give feedback about the game to the devs, not look for help.

That having been said:

Blood Rush and Body Count/Drifting Contact. Combined with True Steel and Organ Shatter and you can get big, beefy red crits pretty fast.

I'd also recommend viral damage since Nikana is very good at applying slash procs even without a hybrid build (I believe that at least Blind Justice has a stance with guaranteed Slash Procs) and this'll be how you get through those really strong defences. Plus, if you're focusing on crits, you only need one application of viral instead of the constant applications corrosive needs. That's seven mods, so the final ones up to you - fill it as you see fit. More power with the gladiator mods or condition overload, more swing speed, more reach, utility in the form of healing and so on.

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Actually if you want to see red crit, while maybe having less base damage.
Use Sacrificial Steel + Sacrificial Pressure in place of Primed Pressure Point and True Steel.

The base crit will be higher, but you might suffer the loss of base damage from
replacing Primed Pressure point with Sacrificial Pressure. (main purpose is buffing the base crit using the pair)

You will need 4 forma to fully accommodate the build, which you might be better using a Skiajati for it
since the Skiajati can hold 2x 90% elemental instead of 2x 60%



This combined with Naramon 5 seconds tick combo counter (dropping body count/ drifting contact)

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