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Weapon appearance coloring UI


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This applies to every equipment in the arsenal : Warframe, Warframe cosmetics, weapons, sentinels, pets.

The current color UI is not very user-friendly in terms of quickly changing colors and comparing colors. A lot of memorization and careful movement is required.

Case 1: Changing colors. Lets say you copied the colors from your warframe to your weapon, but the colors don't really mesh well so you want to switch the colors around to keep the same colors, but change where they go. With the current setup, you have to remember what is color A and color B, change color B to color A, and change color A to color B. If I wanted to change it back to the original look to compare, I'd have to do those steps again. There is a lot of memorization for simply switching colors. A solution would be to allowing swapping colors between the selection by drag-and-dropping them. Since each selection has access to all the same colors, there should be no issues switching the colors. If there is a default color, simply use the default when swapping.

Case 2: Comparing colors. Lets say can't decide on 2 colors. Currently, you can hover of the other color to preview it, but if the other color is in the middle of a palette, you can't easily move away from it without previewing a different color. It is difficult to both look at the frame and look at your cursor so you can easily compare the 2 colors. Screenshots are an option, but that is really a bandaid, rather than a solution. A solution could be holding down right-click to disable preview, then releasing right-click to preview as normal. Favorite'ing colors can be changed to middle mouse click since I don't see many people constantly changing their favorite colors.


Side note, for randomize color, this is a suggestion for those that want to use randomize color with more than one color palette (I don't really mind the limitation). The randomize color has a little gear button next to it to customize the randomizer. Allow selecting which available color palettes can be used in the randomizer, so when you randomize, it will use the pool of colors from all selected palettes instead of one. Deselecting all color palettes would behave the same what is currently in the game. For more customization (no clue who would really want this), allow selecting/deselecting individual color boxes in addition to whole palettes.

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