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Warframes with weapons setup


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Hi I am a new player to warframe but am a long time player of online games a suggestion i have is it would be great if i made a loki  did my weapon setup for loki and then was able to save that setup as say loki setup1.

I then make rhino with weapon setup and save as rhino setup1.

Now when i switch to my warframes i am able to continue using my best builds for my play style the way i like it.

As i find i tend to forget what weapon setup I was running.

Loki setup1 setup2 setup3

Rhino setup1 setup2 setup3 

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You can use Equipment Sets, this function already exists, to save your favorite setups. I think you gain one "free" set per Mastery Rank (or every two Mastery Ranks), and you can buy additional ones for 20:platinum: (I'm not even sure about the price though, if someone can confirm).

This function is located somewhere in the bottom right corner of your Arsenal. :)

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