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Invisible Radiation pockets and Electromagnetic Anomalies


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So this is a Sortie mission bug, in Radiation Hazard there is no longer that godawful green glow everywhere (which is a nice change) but also you can't see any of the big green Radiation pockets and therefore can't avoid them, this makes running these types of missions with teammates quite ...deadly.

As for the Electromagnetic Anomalies (EMA for short), well that isn't as consistent as the Radiation pockets, while Radiation is always invisible (at least for me it was), EMAs can be 1 of 3 things, Completely invisible, almost invisible as in you can only see a very faint black aura that's suppose to be in the middle of the EMA so this one is avoidable if you can notice it and finally it sometimes even works fine. And that's all within a same mission, you have some invisible, some barely visible and some completely fine so it's not consistent.

I don't know if anyone else is having this issue or not but some quick info about how I run this game to rule out some things. So I run the game on as high as it goes with Film Grain and Constant Weapon Trail disabled because I don't like those 2 options, I also tried turning those on and turning some settings off and lowering stuff to see if it would change anything and from my testing it didn't change a thing. I have also done Verify and Optimize as I always do with every hotfix and update so everything should be fine on my end.


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