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Need Help with Creating Complete Tint Masks


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Hey, all.  So I'm new to the Tennogen creation process, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with something.

For the sake of reference, here is DE's tint map for the Liset:


As you already know, there are four colors represented by red, green, blue, and white.  The fifth color is then added on the emissive map.


Okay.....So why is it that when I create the white area on my tint maps, the Tennogen creation program does not recognize them.  It recognizes red, green, and blue just fine.  But not the white.  How do you guys make this work?  I'm going to look up some info on YouTube later on today, but I'd appreciate hearing directly from someone experienced with this.

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11 hours ago, Atekron said:

some time ago I found this video, if I do remember correctly it's working

Hey thank you for your response!

This is actually the first and only YouTube tutorial I watched (so far).  I followed it, but the white/alpha didn't carry over into the fourth color channel.  I'm not sure what I did wrong, so I'm looking up more videos.  I need a more detailed explanation.

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